FOB Fitness ( Forward Operating Base ) is a one of a kind military/tactical fitness business that employs former military members from various countries around the world as fitness/tactical instructors, including combat veterans. We utilize the same fitness techniques as when deployed at a forward operating base in a combat zone. Using traditional fitness equipment and real world surplus military equipment for a unique one of a kind fitness experience. After an initial fitness assessment, we'll determine where you need to begin training. ​Whether you're training to cut weight and build strength to get into the military or just need overall functional fitness that will make you a better tactical athlete, we'll train to become the best tactically fit version of yourself possible. Based on realistic training scenarios taught by military veterans you will see the tactical world in a different light and acquire a warrior mindset, fitness, confidence and tactical proficiency to hold your own in any situation. Tactical fitness is not going to the gym and doing three sets of fifteen reps three times a week of various strength exercises. To be a tactical athlete you must be able to climb, pull, run, lift, crawl with a variety of unbalanced heavy loads. Can you carry a 60 lb rucksack over uneven terrain and over obstacles, or can you move under fire without tiring. If you have a CCW and can't run, jump, roll without difficulty you might just be a candidate. Endurance, speed, agility, and flexibility are designed to compliment traditional strength and resistance exercises. You need to develop a solid foundation before you advance to that type of training in becoming a true tactical athlete.  FOB Fitness is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a city with one of the highest elevations of 6700 ft above sea level (foothills) of any city in the United States. With access to train on the top of the Sandia mountains at 7,010 above sea level.