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We offer veterans the ability to teach any tactical training skills they have using FOB Fitness as the contact business. Just send me us your DD-214 and we'll set up an interview. Military fitness instructors will lead group classes for strength and conditioning, and teach tactical training just as they did while serving in the military.

Your oath never expires


One of the things military veterans miss about the military is the ability to instruct and the brotherhood. FOB Fitness gives them the opportunity to use those skills in tactical training and military fitness. All equipment is provided for tactical, combatives, and fitness training. They plan and carry out the training.

Veterans and PTSD


20 veterans commit suicide a day. A major goal of FOB Fitness is to work with returning combat veterans who need an opportunity to use the skills they have trained in and to be around other like minded military veterans.  Exercise can play an important role in helping clients with PTSD recover and regain confidence.  

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A the end of training you will participate in an actual field exercise that would be known as an ARTEP in the US Army by utilizing all the skills and fitness you have acquired during training.


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